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Two-year retrospective.

2005-10-07 - 9:29 a.m.

Today is this journal’s second anniversary and this entry will be one shy of 360! Think about that: if I printed out all the entries and bound them together I’d have a book. Not a very cohesive, consistently well-written book, but a book all the same. Coo-ool!

I almost can’t believe that my biggest fear in starting this space wasn’t that I’d write something inappropriate and get “dooced”, or even that I’d write something that would get me in trouble with a friend or relative (I’ve tried to avoid writing anything that would lead to those kinds of disasters); it was that I’d write a small handful of entries and then just let it go.

When first figuring out how long I’d been here, I honestly thought at first that it had been three years, so much has happened since I started. From newlywed blatherings and talk of weight issues, to the start of our “trying” phase, to J getting robbed, to his mother’s illness and death, still on through the “trying”, to the robber coming back, to him finally getting caught, to our consultation with Dr. Hubris, to conception and this journal’s current incarnation as an “all pregnancy, all the time” channel. And all this peppered with the mundane events that go on as part of life, such as small trips and friends’ weddings and baby showers, as well as the not-so-mundane, like the trip to Hawaii. It all seems like too much to cram into two years, but here we are.

I’m betting the next two years will be just as crammed. Here’s to hoping it’s with nothin’ but good stuff. *clink*

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