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2004-04-02 - 9:19 a.m.

I know, I know, I missed yesterday without forewarning you. Uh, April Fool! (Yeah, that was it.) The truth is, I now have a cold and had a massive report to edit at work so I was kept busy all day yesterday. I stayed an extra three hours to finish that puppy up, just in case I was too sick to come in today. Waking up this morning though I decided that, as colds go, this is a fairly mild one, hence my presence at work bright and early today. Iím going to take those three hours back at the end of today though Ė tomorrow afternoon Iím hosting a baby shower for my sister in-law and can use the extra running-around time.

Arrangements have been made to get the unsuspecting victim guest of honour there, the menu has been approved by her husband, Iíve ordered dishes and linen and petit fours, and several people are bringing various accoutrements. I still have to go shopping for the food, pick up the petit fours, pick up the rental items, make the wee sandwiches (itís a tea-time shower), etc. In the end itíll probably end up costing me upwards of $150 (plus more than that for the gift we got her) but itíll be nice and I want to do it properly. This will be my first niece or nephew after all.

If a relative should ever discover this page, I donít mean to sound critical, but I am stating a fact when I say that two of Jís cousins never responded one way or the other to my invitation. Listen to me when I say people should respond to invitations. I have never been so conscious of this as I have this past year, when I got married and had to hunt a few people down to get them to give me an answer. I too have sinned in the past and not really understood the importance of letting the host/hostess know by the deadline whether or not I planned to attend. After this past summer I have learned my lesson and mended my ways. I vow to always respond on time to any future invitations I get, and to make sure I get an adequate gift for the occasion.

Guess what? I got me some linkiní love! Sparkler (a link to whom is permanently on my ďOlderĒ page) linked to me on her links page. Iím so tickled! Ah sweet, sweet external validation.

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