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A sign of spring coming!

2004-04-05 - 9:57 a.m.

The days may not be longer but they now seem longer; Daylight Savings Time is here! Unlike Weetabix who laments the time changes, I love DST. Who cares if I lose an hour in April? Itís spring baby! And in the fall? The fact that itís getting colder and gets darker earlier is somewhat salved by being granted an extra hour of sleep.

If I had my way, weíd have DST all year Ďround; I hate the fact that itís pitch black when I leave my office at 4:30 in the afternoon in December. I do, however, seem to recall reading that this was tried once and school kids were waiting for the bus in the dark, so the idea was abandoned. I guess itís not all about me, me, me. [sigh]

On a bleaker note, itís 11 degrees below freezing this morning and we had 5 cm of snow last night. Winter is getting itís final licks in before being beaten back by the fact weíre starting our tilt towards the sun. Itís hard to believe weíll have grass and flowers (hopefully) by the end of this month.

For those of you keeping score the baby shower for my sister in-law on Saturday was a success. There was one last-minute cancellation of two people and the two that hadnít replied but that Iíd thought would show up didnít, so it was a little sparser than I would have liked (and provided food for). The mom-to-be, however, was totally surprised and happy and thatís what counts. Well, that and deep down so does impressing my mother in-law, which I think I did, and she is not an easy woman to impress.

My cold is still lingering Ė did I mention I caught a fairly mild, yet apparently persistent, cold last week? Itís nowhere near as bad as some Iíve had and Iíve made it to work. I just hope that no one gets it from me. I always scold people for coming in when theyíre sick and yet, I did the same thing. I think I actually may have gotten it from a woman here at work so if everyoneís already been exposed to it before I got it, there may not be any new casualties. I canít really complain, Iíve made it unscathed through multiple colds going around in the last year, including four my husband brought home. I may have gained a few pounds in the last year but Iíve never been healthier (except for this last week when I got my comeuppance for boasting how long it had been since I had a cold. Doh! Thatíll learn me.)

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