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Happy birthday to Jo.

2005-10-06 - 11:11 a.m.

I have a confession to make: it was my best friend’s birthday on Monday but what with J’s 30th birthday being the same day, and not being home the two evenings after (yoga on Tuesday and teaching my class on Wednesday) I have not called her to wish her Happy Birthday yet. The best thing about a best friend? I know she’ll forgive me.

Jo and I have been the closest of friends since meeting in residence at the beginning of University. I cannot believe that that was now over 14 years ago! She was one of the few people I didn’t get a good impression of in the first couple of days of Frosh week, but when we both shaved parts of our heads for the scavenger hunt we got to talking and haven’t looked back since. About a month later she invited me to go home with her for the weekend for her high school graduation and the picture I took of her with her parents is still framed.

I introduced her to her husband with whom she now has two beautiful kids; I was there when he proposed and a bridesmaid at their wedding. She’s seen my boyfriends come and go, and the last one stay to become my husband and the father of our child-to-be. We’ve been through some wild times together (oh the stories I could tell… but won’t because this isn’t the time or place); we’ve each been through a lot of life-changes that sometimes did and sometimes didn’t involve the other; and we haven’t lived in the same city since the late 90s, but, as she said in her speech at my wedding, “we’ve always remained the closest of friends.” Jo is more of a sister to me than my real sister is – she knows me like few others ever have and even when we disagree and even fight we know that it won’t make a dent over the long run ‘cause baby, we’re stuck with each other.

Happy Birthday Jo. See ya in a couple of weeks.

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