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The stars must have been misaligned yesterday.

2004-08-17 - 11:32 a.m.

Ok, just so people don’t worry too much about my post yesterday, my husband’s business was robbed yesterday. He’s fine. I can’t give details as there is an active investigation going on but the most important thing, over and above all else, is that he wasn’t hurt. When he gives me the go-ahead I’ll fill in some of the blanks.

The stars were aligned for bad news yesterday – a good friend stopped in to see how we were doing and when asked why he was driving a rental car admitted he’d been in a head-on collision and totaled his almost brand new car last week. Someone had made an illegal left turn right in front of him. He, and his passenger too, are not hurt, except for some burns from the airbag on his wrist. He hadn’t wanted to mention it when I talked to him briefly yesterday morning because he figured we had enough to deal with already.

Then my mother called to let me know that she’d just found out that a neighbour we’d had in my childhood had passed away – she wanted me to relay the wake and funeral info on to my father who’d been quite good friends with him.

I hope that’s the last of the bad news for awhile. Hopefully I’ll be swept up in the celebratory atmosphere of the wedding this weekend. I wish J was coming with me but if all goes well he should be able to unwind a bit on the golf course with his father and brother in-law.

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