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2003-11-05 - 10:54 a.m.

Tomorrow I go the doctorís for my yearly physical and I have been avoiding it for a reason other than the dreaded duckbills. Last year I complained that my weight had climbed alarmingly fast in the previous year. Like, almost 20 pounds and most of it in the second half of that 12 month period, i.e. since I had met my then boyfriend (who I am now married to). I speculated that it might be related to the fact that I had gone on the Pill 24-7 to curb my migraines.

Her response? Can be basically summed up thusly, ďYou think itís related to the Pill? Itís not likely but what would you want to do about it then? Go off the Pill? You exercise, youíre in good shape, youíre healthy. Youíre in a reasonable weight range for your height and age. Iím a doctor. I concern myself with sick people. Youíre not sick, so quit whining ya big baby.Ē

I have to admit I could see her point. Even with the extra 20 pounds Iím not a terribly large women and my clothes have gotten a bit snug but most of them are still wearable. But she left me with a nugget, nay, a grain of consolation, ďAt least youíre still at this notch on the scale.Ē (You know, the bottom bar goes up in 50 lb increments.)

Youíve seen this coming; this year itís a touch and go thing. My weight is up slightly even from last year and some days I stay at the old notch, some days I teeter at the brink, some days, I have to admit, I have to go up. And the doctor weighs you with all your clothes on. And keys and change and your wallet in your pockets. What is with that? Donít they know Iíd prefer to be weighed naked and fresh out of bed, after Iíve peed? Canít I dash in the morning of my appointment, throw off my clothes, get weighed and then come back for the rest at the scheduled time? Iíve been putting off going for the last couple of months because I wanted to be sure that even with those factors working against me, I would still be at the lower notch. I donít want, ok, irrationally dread, having my ďofficialĒ weight for the year recorded in my file for posterity. And doctors donít write in pencil.

My time has now run out Ė I need to get my Pill prescription renewed and the doctor will only do that if I have my physical. Clearly I need a more unscrupulous doctor; one that will not insist on seeing me to have that important little scrap of paper. Or at least be willing to subtract several pounds for the clothes Iím wearing. Yeesh.

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