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Iíd better post this quick before Iím cut off from this site too.

2004-12-13 - 12:48 p.m.

I feel like Indiana Jones when he was grabbing for his hat as the giant slab of stone was closing on his hand; over the weekend my department blocked access to a large number of sites I regularly visit. These sites arenít porn, they donít have spyware or download files to my computer Ė in fact, other than Gmail which I expected them to twig to at some point anyway, they donít contravene any of the policies that are supposed to govern employee internet access at all Ė they are JOURNALS. Thatís right, all of blogspot is gone, as is typepad, so itís only a matter of time before they block Diaryland as well.

So, Iíd better quickly let yíall know that I finally have some good news to share.

THE POLICE CAUGHT CHIRSTOPHER SCOTT MCINNES on Saturday (check the last few entries for the background as to why thatís significant). The story ran in the Sun that day and it did bring in some tips but ultimately it wasnít that that made the difference. A patrol just happened to spot him talking to a hooker in the Market and picked him up.

There will be a couple of hearings Ė ďfor causeĒ and bail Ė and then, depending on how this guy pleads, it may go to trial.

Jís relief is palpable, though the guyís two accomplices remain unidentified so itís not entirely over. In my fantasy world Scott will plead guilty and name his co-conspirators to reduce his sentence, thus netting the other two and relieving J of the need to live through it all again by testifying. By the time any of them get out, J will be onto another business or at the very least another location.

Letís keep our fingers crossed.

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