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So is THIS the third thing? Or part three of the second thing?

2004-12-10 - 2:44 p.m.

You guys are going to start thinking I’m making this up but really, honestly and for true, Scott McInnes was back this morning.

J was opening the locks on his door when he heard footsteps and spun around. There he was, approaching and he said,

“J, we’re going inside and you’re going to turn off the alarm.”

J bolted and got out of reach of the guy’s swipe for him. He hopped a bus that happened to be right there, rode it to the next stop where there’s a 24-hour grocery store, and called the police from there.

The police patrol officer who showed up didn’t bother taking a statement and told him that he might as well go back and finish opening.


I’ve now gone to the local TV station with this mess. They sounded interested and I hope they follow up on it. No criminal should be allowed to terrorize a citizen because the investigating detective is out of the city. (More on that when I get a chance.)

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