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Christmas is looming.

2004-12-08 - 9:58 a.m.

Iím back at work and armed with yogurt, fruit cocktail (hee, hee, that word makes me laugh), and almond jello. No, not really Jello but gelatin and agar dessert. I believe itís called Almond Do-fu. I do feel better though Ė does it show?

J talked to the police on Monday and they agreed to provide him with a copy of Scott McInnesís headshot for his staff, so long as it wasnít distributed publicly. If it were up to me his face would be on every hydro pole in the neighbourhood with ďWantedĒ stamped above it and the Crimestoppers number stamped below it, but Iíll take what I can get.

The district guy for his franchise has also promised a working surveillance system will be installed and is willing to discuss installing a panic button.

Of course, nothing has actually come to pass on either of these promises yet. Hey, no hurry right? Itís only my husbandís LIFE that this guy endangered.

J is holding up well despite the insane amount of stress heís been under. A further bonus; weíve now booked all our accommodation and transportation for our trip to Hawaii in January. Man, that is a break weíre looking forward to.

This is the first year Iíve ever looked at Christmas as something we ďhave to get throughĒ and Iím not happy about that. I love Christmas. Itís the only thing that makes putting up with cold and snow worthwhile. I love the carols, and the lights, and gift giving, and the food (oh man, the food!), and spending time with my nearest and dearest. This year, no matter how much I enjoy the usual rituals with my family, the fact that Jís mother just passed away will cast a pall over Jís Christmas and when heís not happy, nothing can make things perfect for me.

I have always liked Jís family as a whole and I think Iím very lucky for that. That having been said, I think itíd still be fair to say that my mother in-law and I were not tight. Sure, we liked each other just fine and Iíd even say we got along much, much better than a lot of daughter in-laws and mother in-laws do. We werenít the sort to call each other or chat without J being around though. What makes her passing hard for me is watching the effect of it on J and his family. During her hospitalization I did what I could for them and I still do what I can to support them, but thereís only so much I can do. Nothing will make up for their loss and I hurt for them. I wish I could make things better and I wish that the prospect of Christmas wasnít so daunting this year.

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