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Hello? (ello, lo, lo, o?)

2004-12-15 - 10:14 a.m.

No more Darn-tootin, no more blurbomat; can Tomato Nation and dooce be far behind?

Something I didnít anticipate is how lonely and out of the loop I would feel without my lunchtime or post-work fix of my favourite sites.


Guess where I had breakfast yesterday. Go on, guess.


Parliament Hill.

Thatís right, top floor of the centre block. For a picture, close your eyes and think of Canadaís Parliament buildings. Donít know what they look like? Go here and picture the scene in the snow.

For the record? The breakfast was all about the ambiance; the food itself was kind of gross and on par with any lower-end diner breakfast, except you couldnít choose how your eggs were done (they were all scrambled) and the whole thing was kind of lukewarm instead of hot. Oh well, at least the decaf was good and hey, Parliament!

One interesting event was a muted tone started dinging and two lights started flashing in the room while we were leaving. This is apparently a signal to Parliamentarians that the House is convening. Cool eh?


This morning? -19 degrees Celsius with a wind chill of -25. Yes my friends, winter is here.

Last night? TREE!!! (Squee!!!) Iím figuring weíll decorate it tonight. The trimmings will, of course, include the ornaments we got last year, plus the one we picked up on our one-year anniversary trip to Quebec City this year.

Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause...


Edited to add: How cold is it today? / How much of a wimp am I? Not wanting to go outside to buy lunch, but not having actually brought a lunch, I have ransacked my office and am now enjoying a half-bag of pretzels smeared with a packet of mustard. For dessert I'm going to dive into a granola bar. Mmmm... mustard. It makes anything a meal, non?

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