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Christmas plotting.

2003-12-19 - 11:44 a.m.

If you're my husband, stop right now and don't read this entry until after Christmas. Shoo now, it'll spoil the surprise!...


I am holding in my hands a silver robot and a fat chicken. They are not the originals but they are precious nonetheless.

My husband and I got married this past August and our honeymoon was a meandering drive across New England to the coast of Maine, looping up and back through Quebec City. After spending so much time and money on the wedding, it was a relaxing, low-key experience to just drive with no itinerary. The only souvenirs we picked up were discovered strolling down the main street of a little town on the coast; these were the two Christmas ornaments mentioned above. We have an aversion to knickknacks and so we rubbed our hands together in glee at our cleverness in picking souvenirs that were decorative but still practical. Every year, we declared, we will pull these out to decorate the tree and think of our honeymoon.

December arrived and we hauled a tree home and dug our decorations out. We finished trimming the tree and declared it to be the nicest ever and I pointed out that all that was lacking were our honeymoon ornaments.

Ah yes, the ornaments.

I assumed that they were in the basement in storage still, or perhaps just left at my mother’s when we were showing them off. It took two days before my husband admitted that he suspected they were gone. He thought he remembered putting them in with the other ornaments. He definitely remembered recycling the box, with the many other boxes a wedding seems to bring into the house. Uh oh. He tore the basement apart looking for them but turned up nada and confessed, devastated, that they were gone.

I reassured him that the best thing I brought home from the honeymoon was him but I was already plotting in my heart-of-hearts.

Plan A. The next morning I tracked the route our recycling took (the city, to the collection company, to the recycling company – I figured they stuff had to be sorted by people at some point and everyone I talked to tried their best to help) but, while I wish I could report that a Christmas miracle took place and I found them at the sorting center, they were gone.

Plan B. I wracked my brain for the name of the town we bought them. There was a fabulous Thai restaurant there… a giant metal lobster sculpture… the tourist center was well-organized and helpful… the town slogan was “Gateway to Penobscot Bay”… that was it! I googled the slogan, found the name of the town (Rockland, Maine), clicked on the link to the local Chamber of Commerce and there was a link to the store’s website (Qué Pasa on Main) which gave an email address and phone number! I called and the sympathetic saleswoman promised to check their stock and pass my info on to the manager, Irina. Irina called back within half an hour and let me know that they had versions of my lost two ornaments in stock and assured me they’d be happy to ship them to Canada. The very next morning my little robot and fat chicken started their journey.

They’re perfect. I’m planning on slipping the box to my husband Christmas Eve so that we have a chance to hang them and have them grinning at us from the tree when we get up Christmas morning. I can’t wait to see the look on my his face!

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