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Not this month?

2004-10-13 - 3:44 p.m.

I am totally convinced Iím not pregnant this month.

Oh sure, Iím going through the motions of taking my folic acid, not drinking caffeine, and chewing chunks of raw ginger instead of taking my migraine medication when I feel a headache coming on, but I truly, deep-down believe that itís just that Ė going through the motions.

Last round, I didnít know what to expect and everything was a SIGN. But see, I wasnít pregnant. This round? I have an idea of what NOT pregnant looks like. Zits? Are just zits and probably due to the production of natural hormones kicking in. Slight cramps? Gee, I got those last time starting a week before my period. My boobs? Not sore. Plus the whole lack-of-eggwhite-mucus thing still points to lack of ovulation.

I now have further proof that Iím not ovulating. Granted, I only started monitoring my basal body temperature less than a week ago and I donít know yet whatís totally typical for me, but according to the timing, I should have ovulated during this timespan and Iíve seen none of the fluctuations Iíve been told to watch for. No spikes, only a small dip and only after I should have ovulated and the egg should have been fertilized (if you know what I mean and I think you do, wink, wink). If weíd conceived my temperature shouldnít have dipped at that point.

Spending time with family over the long weekend only reinforced the reasons I want to start my family soon (among other things, I really want my children to get to know their great-grandmother, who I an absolutely remarkable woman) so, while I donít have a lot of hope for being successful this month, my fingers are crossed for sometime soon.

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