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Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow...

2005-03-14 - 11:13 a.m.

Tomorrow I go to for my first consultation at the fertility clinic. I am a little frustrated that this seems to be the first normal cycle Iíve had since going off the Pill last May, and yet this is the cycle during which Iím having any tests done. According to my basal body temperature chart, Iíve almost definitely ovulated this month somewhere around day 18 (last time it was almost 40 days in). Today is day 28 and my temperature is still up over 98 degrees (as it has been for the last few days). This is, of course, leading me to once again hope and speculate over how this cycle will progress.

My fantasy appointment:

Doctor Ė Iíve gone over your test results and I must say, you donít really need me because Ö (changes to booming, talk-show announcerís voice) Ö YOUíRE ALREADY PREGNANT!!!
Whereupon the camera pans back and the office is revealed to be just a stage set. Balloons and tickertape start showering down from above and my family rushes the stage to hop up and down while hugging and screaming excitedly.

Of course, thereís no way that will happen since blood was drawn from me while I still had my period and Iíve had no tests since, so even if I am pregnant (gulp!) the doctor would, at the most, tell me to take a test if I donít get my period in the next few days. Other than that, I have no real idea what to expect at this appointment to tell you the truth. Iíll bring my charts for his perusal, though his receptionist has already told me that they donít usually have their patients chart. I suppose Iíll be answering a bunch of questions. He will likely schedule some more tests such as an ultrasound and maybe some more blood work. Iím not sure what tests he might suggest for J at this stage, if any.

All I know is that Iím nervous. I hope thereís some good news waiting for me with the results of the blood theyíve tested already. I hope that if there isnít good news I hold up well. I hope thereís at least some news or something more I can do to get information. Itís the suspense thatís freaking me out the most right now.

Send me some good vibes. Heck, ask other journal readers that you know to send me some positive thoughts about tomorrow. It couldnít hurt.

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