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2005-03-11 - 10:12 a.m.

You know how sometimes your car makes a nasty noise, so you take it in to the garage, only to find that the noise disappears the moment the mechanic is listening for it? I kind of feel like that car.

As youíll know if youíve been tuning in for awhile, I have a consultation appointment at the fertility clinic this Tuesday to figure out not just why we havenít conceived, but also why my cycles have been so long and so erratic. To recap, since going off the Pill in May, my cycles have lasted, 3 months, 35 days, 40 days, 56 days, and 53 days. That means Iíve only had 5 cycles since then and the trend has been towards getting longer, rather than starting out long and erratic and normalizing like I would have expected.

This cycle? My basal body temperature dropped to 97 degrees on day 18, then climbed steadily to 98 degrees over the following few days. It dipped yesterday to 97.7 but is right back up to 98 today. So, if it stays at 98 or above for the next few days than itís likely that I ovulated around day 18 this month (as opposed to well over 30 days in, as I have been for the last couple of cycles). My basal body temperature chart at this point looks almost text-book normal! Gah! I mean, sure, itís great to have a normal cycle and if I did indeed ovulate I may even have gotten the timing right this month, but if I didnít, all the tests they may do may not tell me much. Thereís nothing to do but wait and see what my temperature does over the next few days I suppose.


Congrats to Zoot for her double whammy of good news yesterday! Hereís to houses and heartbeats!

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