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Pudding rich.

2005-03-13 - 6:47 p.m.

Ring... ring...

Miss B – Hello?

Shawna – Dude, do you have my pants at your place or at the office?

Miss B – The office.

Shawna – I figured as much but still, too bad.

Miss B – Why? What’s up?

Shawna – Oh, not much. I’m just out and about* and thought I’d look for an excuse for a side trip.

Miss B – Sorry.

Shawna – Have you been outside today?

Miss B – No, why?

Shawna – It’s gorgeous! The sun is shining! I’m on the canal right now with a backpack full of pudding.

Miss B – ???

Shawna – Hello?

Miss B – Did you say you have a backpack full of pudding?

Shawna – Yep. I figure I’ve got about 8 pounds of pudding in my backpack. I may be cash poor, but I’m PUDDING RICH!

Miss B – Ok, why do you have 8 pounds of pudding in your backpack?

Shawna – I was at the National Women’s Show and there was a Kozy Shack booth - I've seen their pudding in the refrigerated section but I'd never had the chance to try it - and man, do they ever make good pudding.

Miss B – So you... stole 8 pounds of it?

Shawna – No dude, I bought 8 pounds of it. Well, I bought, like, 4 sets of 6 pudding cups and it feels like about 8 pounds. It tastes exactly like my grandmother’s homemade pudding... and J eats pudding with his lunch every day... and since this is WAY better than the chocolate paste he normally eats, I thought I’d get some.

Miss B – “Some” pudding is a package or two...

Shawna – But it was on SALE!

Miss B – You’re too funny.

Shawna - And cheap.

*Perhaps that was “oot and aboot” since I am Canadian, after all.

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