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Who needs to go south for March break?

2005-03-15 - 9:53 a.m.

Ok, so, I’m off to the doctor’s this afternoon. I don’t hold a lot of hope for having been successful this cycle – my basal body temperature was 97.9 today (a slight dip below what I have come to consider “the line of hope”, i.e. 98 degrees) and I started the mild cramping that often signals that the end is nigh. Day friggin’ 29, wouldn’t you know? What did I say about this cycle? Textbook.

Still, I could hope for it signalling implantation this time. I’m just preparing myself for it not to be that.


Today I was walking along the canal on my way to work. I was thinking how it had warmed up a bit and I was feeling quite daring at going toque-less, despite the nip my ears were getting, when a guy swooped past me, his blades slicing crisply across the ice, the sun gleaming blindingly off his Canadian winter-pale legs that were flashing along BELOW HIS SHORTS.

Now, one radio station had been reporting –3 degree weather this morning, but another had fessed up that the windchill was –14. Perhaps he’d only listened to the former, yet still, below freezing is below freezing, especially on the wind-swept canal*.

Do the words, CRAZY CANUCK mean anything to you? Hmmm?

* Granted, I’ve done some sunning on the back deck in –5, but there was no wind at the time. It’s not the same thing at all.


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