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Update (pre-Diaryland) It was a lovely day for a wedding...

2003-08-29 - 3:50 p.m.

Hello from the new Ms. Shawna. OK, I know that thatís lacking in drama a bit since I didnít change my name or even my honorific but I can guar-an-tee that I am a changed woman as I am now someoneís WIFE. Eeeee!! How cool is that? And I have a HUSBAND. Also very darn cool. Both are taking some getting used to but in a squeally, excited way. My blasť married friends were all ďItís going to be a disappointment after the wedding because youíll expect things to be and feel different but they will be exactly the same.Ē To all these people I say ďHa!Ē as I am pleased to report that it does feel different. And maybe itíll recede back into the previously settled and comfortable feeling we shared as a pre-wedding couple but in the meantime I say fie on all those naysayers. Fie!

There are, of course, far too many details to recount about the wedding without drawing cries of protest at the length of this email but I will say it was fabulous, the rain held off until we were all under cover of the tent eating, and I think everyone had fun. We got our pictures back last night and on top of them being great pictures, what struck me about them was that there were so many people laughing in them. Not forced-smile, hey-look-at-me-and-say-cheese poses, but people caught laughing that werenít even aware the photographer was there. Some people had crinkled noses and closed eyes and some were even leaning on things for support as they belly-laughed. Itís great! Of course, there are about a million pics of J and I smooching and just as many of us beaming at each other and everyone around us too, which is also great. The crew of friends and family that helped with the setup did a great job, the food was awesome at my momís when we got to kick back that evening, everything went smoothly and on-schedule the whole weekend, the flowers (most of which were grown in my momís garden) were beautiful, J was soooo handsome, the wedding party looked sharp, the food was tasty and the speeches were amazing. My dad was dashing in his kilt, which was a highlight for his three cousins who made a roadtrip from New England for the event. In lieu of the clinking-glasses tradition to make the bride and groom kiss we requested that people come up to the mike and tell stories about us that illustrate aspects of our personalities so that people, say, from my side who donít know J that well would have a better idea of why heís the man I chose to marry, and vice versa. While it seems that I have slightly more extroverted friends that donít mind speaking in public and therefore a few more stories were floated about me than J, there were some great ones from both sides and much laughter, and kissing (woo hoo!), ensued. J and I were both pretty tired from the planning, set-up and long day of hosting (everyone wants a piece of the bride and groom - who knew?) so we made our escape pretty early after the dancing got well underway. We did, however, get another chance to see some people who came to brunch at my Dadís the next day, thanks to my stepmother who graciously made the arrangements.

And the honeymoon will just have to wait for another update. Are you in suspense?

In other news, the house sale is all set and done with and we now have neighbours. Theyíre still getting moved in and unpacked, etc. but they seem very nice so far.

J and I came back from our honeymoon the day before the closing so that Iíd be able to go in the next morning to sign all the papers and get my hot little hands on the cheque but alas, the fates defied me and decreed it was not to be that day. The bane of my existence, the Committee of Adjustment (who had originally denied me my severance and minor variances so I had to go over their heads to get them) had somehow managed to trigger a blackout the week before (perhaps you all heard something about it? I understand the repercussions were quite widespread. Will they stop at nothing to deny me my housing development? Fluctuations in the power grid, my patootie. I know better! ;) ) and hadnít been at work all that week because the air conditioning wasnít on. Perhaps they had visions of melting away like the wicked witch of the west after a good dousing. To give them their due, the humidity this summer has kind of felt like that would not be beyond the realm of possibility.

The upshot was that the house closed ďin escrowĒ on the official date, which means that it was sort of in limbo Ė the neighbours had paid for it and had access but didnít legally own it yet, I still legally owned it but hadnít received the funds (they were being held in trust by one of the lawyers) and had given up my keys. The final closing didnít take place until the day before yesterday and they got my cheque certified yesterday morning and turned it over to me. Yay!

SoÖ I donít have to spend my free time on the house, or on wedding planning. My job at the gym doesnít start up again until mid-September and Iím off work until next week when I start my new job. Iím bored!

I wonder what Iíll do nextÖ Suggestions anyone?



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