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Update (pre-Diaryland) Bachelor(ette)

2003-07-28 - 3:45 p.m.

How can it be that I have news again so soon? Well I do and I promise to keep it shorter than last time Ė I just figure that by the time I get to write again in late August Iíll have so much to tell everybody about the wedding and honeymoon, that the stuff I have to say now will get overshadowed and lost in the shuffle.

First of all, J and I had our bachelor/ bachelorette parties this past weekend and a fun time was had by all (I hope. I think. According to my sources anywayÖ). The day had an interesting structure. At the risk of dating myself, if you picture the way Bananarama sort of wove their hands in and out in their ďVenusĒ video, that kind of describes how the day went. First Jo (my Babe of Honour) and I went and played with makeup with the able women at Shoppers Drug Mart and got a handle on our ďlooksĒ for the big day while J went for brunch with a friend, then the guys went golfing and the women went to the Casino. No, I didnít win anything. High-roller that I am, I lost a staggering $6.75, though I suppose thatís not bad for an afternoonís entertainment. Everyone met back at our place for a BBQ, and then the groups split up again with the guys going off to do their manly rituals and the women doing our own thing. (I canít give details and spoil the mystery, now can I?) Then we all met up again at the end of the evening at Zaphodís, the bar where J and I met. J and I arenít big drinkers so we were amongst the more sober of the lot but thatís OK, we had a great time and our heads werenít pounding like SOME peopleís the next morning (and you know who you are). It was a great balance of doing stuff with the chycks and getting to see my guy friends who were going to Jís stuff (as well as his friends of course, who are also awesome).

Thatís not the big news from that day though; the big news is that J popped the question all over again, in front of everyone at the BBQ, with his maternal grandmotherís diamond that heíd had reset for me. Itís bee-yoo-ti-ful!

There was a suspenseful moment as I pondered my answer but of course I said yes again.

In other big news, the closing date for the house has been moved up from the end of September to August 22nd so I wonít have to carry the whole loan for the extra month (yay!) and the bank even renegotiated my interest rate for the remaining mortgage (resulting in a significant saving for me) to boot! Double yay! As Iíve said before, the Caisse Populaire has been awesome to me throughout the whole project and they totally rock!

We had planned on coming back from our honeymoon sometime between August 20th and 22nd, but we are now pretty much locked in to being back by the end of the 21st as my lawyer says I need to be on hand to sign papers on the morning of the closing at the latest since they canít get them ready in time for me to sign them before the wedding.

Thatís all for now. Iíll write again when Iím an old married woman!



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