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Update (pre-Diaryland) Woohoo!

2003-07-15 - 3:27 p.m.

Well, I promised I'd shout it from the rooftops when it happened so listen up…


Thats right. The deal is sealed, the bank has given their blessing, and it's now in the hands of the lawyers as I await the closing date. I suppose I have a few pieces of paper to put my John Hancock to, but I don't anticipate many speed bumps in the road. J and I continue to live in our half, of course, but the second half will soon be occupied. The anticipated closing date is near the end of September but my excellent real estate agent is hopeful of an early close, which depends on what happens with the house the buyers currently occupy.

I haven't met my new neighbours yet so all I have gleaned so far is that theyre two women, one of them is a lawyer and they “seem nice”.

For those that are curious, I didn't get my asking price but I got enough that I'm happy with the mortgage payments on the amount left owing (and J doesn't even have to co-sign) and I'm very pleased to have it settled before the wedding. A wise man told me a parable in which he was faced with a similar situation and he “took the money and ran” and “never looked back”. Good advice I say. Woo hoo!

Speaking of the wedding (and wasnt that a smooth segue?), it's less than four weeks away at this point. All the big stuff is settled (place, food, marriage licence, rings, minister, clothes, photography, etc.) so it's now the smaller details that I'm trying not to cram into the last week of the countdown. This is harder than you might think since I spent 11 days in BC recently, have only been home for a week, and am leaving tomorrow for Halifax for 5 days. I'm making hair ornaments on my plane rides. I'm plotting how to put up lights and put out flowers in the least amount of time once the tent goes up the evening before.

Why was I in BC? I was there on business – a conference in Victoria followed by a meeting in Vancouver – but managed to go up a few days early to see a bit of Vancouver Island. J and my mom both came for the first week. While it may seem odd to have both my fiancé and my mother with me, once the conference started I was tied up from 8:30 in the morning to 9:00 at night so either one of them would have been on their own during that time. This way, they didn't spend all day together but there was someone to do things with if they chose, like meet for meals together. And except for one night, all our accommodation included suites with two rooms so there was space and privacy for all. That one night we shared a room was at a B&B and we were arriving late and leaving early so it wasn't a huge trial.

My trip to Halifax is also for business though I'm going to take advantage of the opportunity to visit some friends while I'm out there. It's funny but it had been a couple of years since I had seen them or heard from them and then they replied to one of my updates to say they'd moved out there. In fact, she now works for the same organization I do! I managed a visit last time my job took me out there (last February), then she was here for training, now I'll be out there again this week and J and I are going to try to stop by for a visit on our honeymoon (we're planning on driving through New England, taking the ferry to Halifax, and coming back through Canada.) I think it's so cool how often I hear from people that I hadn't heard from in a really long time when I send out these updates, and it's even cooler when it leads to being able to renew ties with long-lost friends 1st, I'm taking all of August off, and then I'm starting a shiny new job on September 2nd.

So to recap, sold the house, wedding coming up, doing some travelling lately and starting new job in September. While I get more people saying they enjoy reading all my news, in deference to those who complain about the length of my email, for a change I put the biggest news first. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Looking forward to hearing from those of you with a moment to drop me a line!

Take care and love to all,


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