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More tales of washroom woe.

2004-08-18 - 10:52 a.m.

What is with this place? I know Iíve written about the washrooms here before, but having moved to a new floor, I now have more fodder.

There are only three stalls in the womenís washroom nearest me:

The first one has an ďOut of OrderĒ sign on it.

The second one appears to be leaking water on the floor.

The third one, well the third one is the most bizarre one. It doesnít appear to be attached to the wall and as such sags about 4 or 5 inches lower than the other two. Above the porcelain thereís a gaping hole in the wall tile and you can see all the plumbing itís attached to.

So your options are either straddle the puddle and use the secure one, or perch gingerly and take your chances of a sudden drop to the floor, in a disaster of near-epic proportions as far as work disasters go, as youíre innocently going about your business.

Not relishing the mental picture of finding my bare butt down on the ground with shards of porcelain and water that has been *shudder* used (if you know what I mean and I think you do) tidal waving around me, Iíve resorted to the separate handicapped washroom nearby. Given how deserted this building seems to be and the fact that the sole handicapped person Iíve seen around here has come from outside the buildings for meetings, I think my odds of not inconveniencing anyone are pretty good. Iíll take those odds.


No more news on the hold-up. I want the police to catch these guys already. I know J and I will both sleep a lot better when that happens.

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