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It's not just the inhabitants that are quirky.

2004-07-20 - 9:11 a.m.

This building is a ghost town. Everyone has claimed the space Ė hence the reason itís been hard to find me a spot to hang my hat Ė but no one is actually occupying it.

Yesterday I went to the womenís washroom around the corner at about 3:00 pm. It was a large, multi-stalled facility and I noticed something odd. I walked all the way down the row, glancing into each stall to confirm. Yep. All the seats were up. Since the place is cleaned, I presume, after hours, and since women arenít exactly prone to putting the seat up once they finish their business, this could only mean one thingÖ

By 3:00 in the afternoon, not one person had been in to use the washroom yet!

Now I know that itís not the only washroom on the floor, but it is the most centrally located one. And I know that there are more men around here than women, but stillÖ

Also? Last week I used the washroom after one of our meetings and when I turned on the tap I was startled to see a moth get washed out of the tap and, flapping madly, swirl down the drain. I felt badly for not rescuing it, but it happened quickly and all I had time for was a double-take and a disbelieving blink of my eyes and then it was gone.

One more bathroom quirk: when I flushed yesterday I heard a small stream of water from somewhere else in the room. I briefly thought that maybe it was a stealthy pee-er who had snuck in and lowered another seat silently, coincidentally at the same time as me, the first person to use the place all day. Then I stepped out of the stall and glanced; no, all the stall doors are open. Following the sound I traced it to the floor drain just as it died away. Coincidence? I went back and flushed again. Same thing. For a reason I donít even want to speculate on, it seems that flushing triggers a flow of water into the floor drain thatís open to the air. At least, Iím hoping itís water and not, say, an overflow of raw sewage! I suspect that my nose would have told me if that was the case but still, an odd way for the plumbing to work, wouldnít you say?

This building is scheduled for a currently-on-hold retrofit; letís hope the plumbing is one of the things they upgrade.


Edited to add: I just found out that it's Dooce's birthday. Happy Birthday Dooce and may those damn invading intestinal bacteria get the hell out of your system forthwith!

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