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Whirlwind wedding update.

2004-08-20 - 9:31 p.m.

Ok, Iím sneaking in a quick entry Ė the bride is a hard taskmaster and weíve been crazy busy with all the prep for the wedding today. Tomorrow the day is mapped out by the half hour starting at 6 am.

Seriously, itís a blast. A lot of friends of this marvellous couple, coming together to try to build the wedding they deserve to have. Iím quite proud of my various decorating ideas and how theyíve panned out. Iím in charge of a lot of the decorations and the general flow of the day tomorrow. Should be good. Thereís a plan for good weather and an alternative for rain. This is the most laid-back wedding I think Iíve ever been to so itís all good, no matter what Ė they have the bride, groom, witnesses, officiant, family, friends and food, what more could you want? Everything else is gravy.

Gotta go, socializing, then showering, then sleep beckons. Hopefully Iíll have time for more details next week.

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