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It's a start.

2004-06-23 - 1:04 p.m.

Dude! Iíve lost five pounds! This means Iím once again under the magic notch on the scale.

I wish I could report that they just floated off, and I donít know how it happened but, yay!

In fact, Iíve been having to work for it a bit. Though I havenít been writing about it, Iíve been changing my eating habits lately. Small things. Iíve cut back on cream and sugar in my coffee and now put maybe half a spoon of sugar but leave lots of room for skim or low-fat milk instead (helps prevent tooth-staining from the coffee, plus offsets the calcium leaching effect of caffeine). Iíve been having a couple of lunches a week that consist of a large citrus fruit and yogurt. Iíve been trying to drink more water which not only has no calories but helps stave off those nasty UTIs Iím prone to.

Some adjustments been easy though since itís summer. Who wants to sit in the house when you can go for a walk in the balmy evening? My fall and winter cravings for warm comfort food are replaced by desires for salads and lean BBQed meats and I delight in the fresh produce available, especially strawberries.

The bad news is, Iíd ideally like to lose another 15 and I suspect that itíll be a long road there, if I manage at all. In the meantime though, Iím pretty pleased with myself. This wonít turn into a diet site or anything but I may mention from time to time if thereís any progress.


Last night? Harry Potter baby! I loved it. I loved the books (which I read in French Ė I finally found out what the dťtraquers are in English this round) and the movies have risen to the challenge. I hope they make the rest before the cast gets too old though. Iím fond of the current cast and Iíd hate to see them replaced.

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