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Resolutions 2011

2011-01-04 - 6:21 p.m.

I may have, in the past, alluded to my general disinclination to make New Year’s resolutions. Back in the days when I was a bar-going, though a bit of a goody-goody, gadfly and someone asked about my resolutions, I rather facetiously rhymed off this list:

- drink more
- swear more
- have more sex

I always felt that if an area of my life needed improvement, I shouldn’t just wait until some arbitrary future date; I should make the change when I noticed a change needed to be made.

This year, however, I definitely feel like let myself get away with over-indulging during the holidays. This, coupled with the fact that two of my classes at the gym fell on days it was closed so I missed my usual workout routine, means that I am feeling slothful and slug like, ergo I am indeed making some general resolutions.

I am committing here and now to do the following this year:
- drink more water
- swear off eating every baked good my mother foists upon me
- have more sex

My husband, I’m sure, will be delighted that the last item has not been cut from the list.

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