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Not eggscellent at all.

2010-12-22 - 9:29 p.m.

I have to say, I’m writing this because it’s something that I think I’ll want to refer back to and know when it all transpired, but it’s not an easy entry.

Biscuit, you may recall, was diagnosed over a year ago with an egg allergy. For those that are versed in allergies, it may mean something to you if I say it was rated at about a 23 (maybe 28?) a year and a bit ago. We were told to avoid eggs and products that contain eggs, but that things that “may contain traces” of egg but didn’t have them as an actual ingredient were okay.

We were also told that something like 95% of kids outgrew this type of allergy by the time they were two.

A few months ago, Biscuit was accidentally given a fish stick that contained egg in the batter at daycare. He didn’t react. “Huzzah!” we thought, “Maybe he’s outgrowing his allergy! Maybe it’s even gone!”

Fast forward to a month or so ago. We’re making plans to go to Jamaica in January, and gee, wouldn’t it be nice to have it confirmed that we don’t have to worry about egg in Biscuit’s food? We made an appointment with the allergist.

After a truly horrific blood test that went awry, then had to be repeated (a story for another time perhaps), we got a call yesterday. He’d dropped to 13.4 for yolk, but was now at 100 for white.

“Out of what?” I asked.

“100” came the response, “He’s at the max.”


Biscuit now cannot be more allergic to egg white. He’s no longer allowed to have anything that “may contain traces” of egg. The only way I can foresee taking him out to eat where the ingredients are not readily available is if we bring food with us, or else avoid any sort of bread product. Thank God for McDonald’s and Wendy’s, which both publish their allergen information online.

So now the question is, of course, what will we do in Jamaica?

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