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2011-03-13 - 11:13 p.m.

Every time something significant happens, I start to compose a blog entry in my headÖ and thatís where it ends. Alas, I do not have time for writing very much these days, moreís the pity. No longer can I pinpoint exactly when my kids got illnesses or new teeth by looking at this blog in the future. I even gave up paying for the upgrade for this blog - it didn't make sense to be paying extra money for the two people who actually comment here to be able to continue commenting. Sorry guys. You'll have to email me instead (click the contact link).

Since last writing, Iíve been to Jamaica (Beaches Boscobel Ė worth every penny), and to Weetacon VII. Grommet turned five and I tried to make a piŮata and failed miserablyÖ but the Mexican party turned out great anyway. Grommet has hit about 42 pounds. Biscuit is still a mere 30ish. Biscuit is pooping on the potty but still happily peeing in his diaper. A truly horrendous round of stomach flu swept through the family last week, but Biscuit and I got off the lightest (he got a fever, I got only mild cramping). Grommet puked for about a day but J got it the absolute worst, and on the day I was leaving for Wisconsin.

I am thinking seriously about changing jobs within the government, but not as seriously as I was about striking out on my own to make my fortune.

Weíre signing papers tomorrow to put our house up for sale. Weíve hired cleaners to come in twice a week but theyíve only come once so far so weíll see how that goes.

I feel like I do not have enough time with the kids, or with J for that matter. Between work at the office, work and meetings and practices at the gym, and all the stuff it takes to keep my photography business going, plus the various side projects Iíve got going onÖ

Hm. It appears that I donít merely feel like I donít have enough time with the kids, I really and truly donít. So what can give? I canít not do the office job thing. For the sake of my health, I donít really feel like I should give up the gym. Does that leave the photography? Should I scale it back? Itís a hard choice. Iíve already applied to the Tulip Festival this year so thereís that commitment in place if they accept me. And to be honest, Iím not sure it would free up much time to give up the photography, which I currently mostly fit in after the kids have gone to bed.

Tough choices. And I have no answers right now. But Iíll be back. I just donít know when.

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