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2009-07-29 - 3:18 p.m.

“I’m going next year. I’ve already bought my ticket.” she said.

And so a seed was planted… and now I too have bought a ticket to BlogHer ’10, which will take place in New York, New York in August of next year. My husband is already Google Earth-ing Manhattan and we’re planning on leaving the kids with their grandparents.

Won’t you join us?


This self-same woman who is almost directly responsible for my having plunked down over two hundred bucks for an event that’s still over a year away is also the one who let me know about the Ottawa-area Blog Out Loud meet up. Well, after it happened. But the point is, I hadn’t really given much thought to the fact that there were likely other people in Ottawa who blog. I mean, when I started this journal in 2003 it was a pretty rare thing, to write about yourself on the internet. The word “blog” hadn’t even gone mainstream yet.

I’ve got mixed feelings about whether to go to these kind of events, to be honest. On the one hand, part of the point of being a citizen of the blogosphere is to be a part of a community, perhaps a community that contains more kindred spirits than you’d find in person locally. And if it turns out that blogging is, in fact, a good tool to find these local compadres, well, what could be wrong with that?

However, on the other hand we have the whole anonymity thing. There simply aren’t a ton of people that I know in real life that knows I have this journal. My extended family doesn’t have a clue. And I rarely even direct people to my favourite blogs to read because I’m an incurable commenter and could then be “followed home” if they saw me there. Even when I had a piece published about me in Sundry’s Bodies in Motivation site, I didn’t brag to people I wanted to (and believe me, I wanted to brag), because they’d see the link to here.

Well, just today I was bemoaning the lack of people to leave the house with to my husband, so maybe I’ll keep half an eye on this whole “local blog scene” thing. I really do need more face-to-face friends, and it’d be nice to find some that have common interests.


Biscuit has gained a bit of weight back and is now almost 18 ½ pounds (5th percentile, here we come!). Oh, and he’s developed a minor case of thrush, so he’s on an anti-fungal 4x a day, in theory. In practice it’s hard to manage a 4th dose for some reason, so he usually ends up getting 3. Does that make us bad parents? And what is up with the thrush thing? Is it another indicator that something’s wrong? Or is it an effect of the low-weight thing rather than a cause?

Frankly, I just believe that he’s light because he’s not a great eater, he has allergy issues and his weight issue was compounded when he had the stomach flu. I don’t believe that his low weight is indicative of any sort of hidden pathology. And with this belief firmly in mind… I cancelled his swallow study and his CT scan. I could not justify subjecting him to radiation or general anaesthetic when I did not believe they’d turn anything up that was either definitive or treatable. He’s not gagging anymore unless he’s got something a bit too big in his mouth, and the mystery behind his vomiting was solved when we figured out the allergy stuff. Say that the CT scan did, in fact, show that the reason he doesn’t eat a lot is linked to the way his brain is formed: what would be our recourse? Brain surgery? Not bloody likely. So what’s the point?

I know that I can’t expect the doctors to just hand us a solution without allowing them their tests. But at this point I firmly believe a consult with a dietician would do Biscuit a world more good than a CT scan, so that’s what I’m going to ask for.

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