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Art show debrief; Biscuit lite, and; BlogHer missed. Again.

2009-07-24 - 8:53 p.m.

The first Art in the Park was a success in the sense that I used my display (thumbs up!) that I'd designed myself out of PVC pipes and bed rails and was very pleased with it. I got a lot of very nice things said about my work by a steady stream of people. I had more friends stop by than I was expecting.

Okay, that was the glass-half-full version. Now I have to admit that in some ways it really seemed like a big flaming failure. It seemed like this event was more recreation than a buying opportunity for almost everyone there. I think I saw one person walk by with an art piece they'd purchased the entire day. I not only didn't sell anything, a friend jostled my table and spilled coffee on one of my images. It ran down the glass then wicked up the mat, ruining it. When she was relieved that the picture itself was unharmed I grimaced and admitted that the mat was the most expensive part - more than the frame itself. She didn't offer to pay to replace it.

I'm not mad at her; more like mad at that particular piece of bad luck and the irony that going to the show actually cost me more money than just the expected expenses of the display and the table fee.

Le sigh.

I get another shot at the next Art in the Park in a couple of weeks. This one's a lot more established and will have three times the number of artists, so I'm hoping it will be better in that I might actually sell something.


Biscuit is getting better and has gained back some of the weight he lost with the stomach flu a few weeks ago. He's now 18 pounds again. At over 13 1/2 months. To put this in perspective, I met a gargantuan 9-month-old that was 25 pounds yesterday. And even though this kid was HUGE, even an average child is probably close to 22 pounds at Bicuit's age. Wait, I'll check the growth charts...

Hunh. 22 pounds is bang on. At 18 pounds he's squarely on the 3rd percentile line.

le double sigh

On the plus side, we feel confident enough in his recovery that we decided not to go through with the swallow study or CT scan the doctor had scheduled. He swallows and keeps down a variety of textures just fine, especially now that we know that he vomits when he's allergic to somethign. We simply don't believe there's an underlying pathology to look for and that his low weight is obviously attributable to the fact that it took a long time to actually like any solids he was offered and then he had the stomach flu. Today he had some toast, a bit of fruit smoothie, some apple cut into matchsticks that he could bite into pieces, and half a small tub of yogurt for breakfast. He had similar for lunch and dinner, though with a bit of variety in what he was offered.

I just think it's a matter of time before his now more-robust appetite helps him creep up the charts a bit. Exposing him to the risks of radiation and general anaesthetic seems a bit extreme and unnecessary.

Here's hoping he doesn't get another bug.


Nope, not at BlogHer this year. I've already been to BlogHer in Chicago and would have been tempted to spend my limited resources only to explore somewhere new. Plus, Zoot's not going to be there this year and I think I'd have missed her. Maybe next year.

Le sigh encore.

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