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July is over?!? Already!?!

2009-07-31 - 10:16 p.m.

Check out the gorgeous, pewter-finish stoneware bowls in the Juliska line.

I covet. And Iím not even a big china person. They remind me of raku pottery, but the finish isnít, you know, poisonous.


So my little point Ďn shoot camera is close to dead. Thereís a pink stripe across the tops of all the pictures it takes. Iím not sure whether to replace it, but it is handy to have when I donít want to lug my big DSLR to functions. Thoughts?


My next show is at Strathcona Art in the Park (in Sandy Hill, for the locals) one week from tomorrow. Iím trying to decide if I should just go with what I had at the last show in terms of offerings, or whether I should offer some smaller and/or unframed prints to hit a wider range of price points. I had originally decided that I was only bringing framed, medium-to-large pieces to shows and leaving the small, unframed stuff for my Etsy shop, but Iím not sure any more. Anyone have any thoughts to share? I have to decide by the end of the weekend because I need a few days lead time for printing and framing.

Speaking of which, man, Iíve got to get on sprucing up that shop and my Flickr portfolio.


We are going on vacation! Not a long vacation, and Uncle Bob will be here holding down the fort so no getting any ideas, but still, a break from the usual. J, you see, won a gift certificate to stay at a hotel in Niagara Falls for a couple of nights and we figured it would be a perfect time to bring the kids to Marine Land. Iíve never been but imagine it must be a lot like Sea World, yes? Only maybe a bit smaller?

Weíre hoping to see my best friend and her family, but so far weíve not had a lot of luck getting our schedules to mesh. Iíve still got my fingers crossed we can work it out though. Jo! I miss you!

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