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2009-03-26 - 10:14 a.m.

Big news is a comin’, but I don’t want to jinx it with any premature announcements so you’ll just have to wait for it. And nope, it’s probably not what you’re thinking (not pregnant, house not sold, haven’t heard back from Art in the Park yet – they’re making decisions in April). I know. I’m such a tease.


This week I’m going to start trying to figure out how to piece together my website. I need a splash page with links to a gallery, my Etsy shop, and to contact me. I might put in a link to a blog there as well, but not yet since learning WordPress is lower on my to-do list than the other stuff. First I have to figure out how to do this splash page and, oh yes, how to actually put in the gallery that will be linked to. There’s software that’s free with my host that is designed for this bit, but I haven’t downloaded it yet so I’m starting at the very beginning of the learning curve. I may just put up the page with an “under construction” tag on the gallery link and not have it go anywhere yet, but at least I’d have something up, y’know?

Anyone want to walk me through this process? Anyone?… one?… one?*


Wouldn’t you know it? Today is the first day in a week that Grommet’s not been home (her daycare provider was sick, then she was) and Biscuit has decided to nap without being ensconced on my lap this morning. While I’d normally doing a “hallelujah”, Thursday is the day of the BEST playgroup and so I’m torn between actually doing useful stuff (like writing this, or doing the aforementioned web stuff) and waking his little butt up and cramming him into his carseat. Mama’s got a yen for some adult interaction. I’ve been kind of bored and lonely while J’s been at work lately. My usual fix for feeling isolated is to get together with a friend of mine and her baby, but they’ve been sick for a couple of weeks now. I feel bad for J since he’s got his own work to do and doesn’t need to feel like he has to somehow entertain me or keep me company, but at the same time, well, I want to be entertained or kept company, y’know?


The last part of Pamela’s comment on my last post - “It's awful to say, but the only way I could imagine wanting another is if something terrible were to happen for #1 or #2.” – struck a real chord with me.

I haven’t wanted to voice it for fear of a) tempting fate, and b) sounding really strange and/or creepy, but that’s exactly what I’ve thought. When I was pregnant with Biscuit, and people were asking if we’d have any more after this one, I wanted to say, “only if something happens to one of the two we’ve got” and when the topic of a permanent method of birth control came up, I was very hesitant because, well, frankly, I wanted to make sure these two were well out of danger of SIDS and on their way to growing up as healthy kids before making that decision. I would not have had a tubal ligation during my second c-section for this very reason. It wasn’t because I wanted more kids (though I’m only about 95% resolved on that issue, as you read in my last post), it was because I didn’t really want fewer than the two I’d had.

Is this creepy? Am I thumbing my nose at fate by even writing about it? Are Pamela and I the only ones that think like this?

* That was an echo.

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