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10 months of Biscuit!

2009-04-03 - 11:17 p.m.

My little man,

Weíve hit the double digits: today you are ten months old. Itís easy to tell when something has caught your eye because you squeak excitedly, then crawl like greased lightning towards it, a big smile on your face and your tongue sticking out. Many times lately Iíve been the recipient of goobery, enthusiastic smearings of your tongue across my face, your little hands grabbing my hair or ears to pull you in close, and I really believe that you are trying to kiss me.

You are a total charmer. I am constantly receiving compliments on how cute you are and itís not just the fact that youíre physically adorable Ė though you are, of course Ė but your sunny personality just radiates from you.

Your hair is getting lighter, even as your eyes get darker. I donít think theyíll ever be the same dark brown and grey mixture as your sister, but the silt-y brown is definitely spreading in your hazel, formerly-pure-grey eyes.

You are so mobile now! And you are totally focused and determined to get what you want. Unfortunately what you want seems to be a lot of power cords, speaker wire, books, plants, etc., all of which goes straight into your mouth if Iím not there to stop you. Fortunately I mostly am there, since I know having you on the loose requires constant vigilance. I confess itís a bit wearing, but I donít often resort to putting you in your pack Ďn play Ė also known as ďbaby jailĒ Ė unless Iím truly doing something that requires a lot of my attention and you wouldnít be safe around, like cooking in the kitchen.

Last Sunday you stood up yourself for the first time. It was at Nana and Grampaís house and you while you were straining to put the flag on top of the Fisher Price castle into your mouth you got both your feet under you and levered yourself up. I donít even think you noticed you were doing it until you found yourself perched precariously atop your feet and started squawking for rescue. Even though I was there with my arms waiting to catch you if you fell, I didnít ease you down until I got your father to peer over the balcony from the loft so he could see your accomplishment too. Iím excited at this step towards walking, though a bit freaked out too, since I know how much more trouble youíll be able to get in with even more objects within your reach.

You are already outgrowing a lot of the clothes your sister wore when she was your age, though I guess boys are naturally a little bigger. Now that you need a bit more purchase with your feet Iíll be putting you in ďrealĒ clothes more often and not your feetie pyjamas with the soft but slippery soles. I feel a bit bad for you though, that you are crawling just as itís getting to the warmer weather which normally means bare knees. I have a pair of ďbaby knee padsĒ that are essentially socks without the bottoms sealed shut Ė they were a gift for your sister but she crawled through the winter and stood up during the spring so she didnít really need them as her knees were cushioned by pant legs. I may press them into service for you though, silly as they may look. Well, maybe Iíll just use them around the house.

I hope you and your sister manage to hang onto the good relationship that is budding between you, even if I know itís inevitable that youíll end up fighting sometimes, such being the nature of siblinghood. Right now she is totally devoted to you and we have to stop her from kissing you and hugging you and generally getting in your face too much, though you never seem to mind as you seem just as enchanted with her as she is with you.

Weíve finally turned a corner in the quest to get you to accept solid foods, by the way, and youíre starting to not outright reject them, though you still donít eat much at any one sitting. Your stomach, however, seems to be pretty, well, delicate, and you end up vomiting a lot of stuff thatís rich and new (though the first thing you seemed to actually like was chili from Wendyís), like milk (and the chili tonight, though youíve kept it down a couple of times before now). You cannot tolerate egg yolk even in the smallest amounts and weíre taking you to see an allergist in a couple of weeks. I really hope that it turns out that itís not an allergy though, because Iím not looking forward to having to check for egg in everything that passes your lips.

What I do look forward to? Even though I mourn how quickly your babyhood is passing, I am constantly delighted by watching you grow and develop. Your personality warms everyone around you and your father, sister, and I all adore you and love being greeted by your beaming face, even when weíve only been out of the room for a few minutes.



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