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A UTI and the half-pint.

2008-10-26 - 6:31 p.m.

It seems Grommet did, indeed, have a urinary tract infection. I haven’t talked directly with my doctor yet since the confirmation, but at the initial visit she’d made some rather foreboding noises about referral to a urologist and some vague mention of “further investigation.” Couple that with the fact I used to run research trials for the urology group at the Ottawa Hospital and that I know that urologists are among the highest paid doctors because everything they do requires “instrumentation” (which is nowhere near as musical and fun as it sounds), and you have me on the horns of a bit of a dilemma. You see, I know that any tests a urologist would want to run would involve things that would make a toddler REALLY unhappy. Like shots or an IV, for instance, followed by a bunch of images that would require the subject to remain perfectly still.

Now, I’ve had a LOT of urinary tract infections in my life and have been sent to a urologist, but I balked at having any of these sorts of tests done. Now, after only one diagnosed UTI, they may want to subject my daughter to them. So what do I do? Do I subject her to them? Or don’t but risk not finding out something important that can affect her long-term health?

I guess the only answer I can give for now is that I’ll make the appointment with the urologist, listen to what he or she says, and weigh it against whatever other information I can dig up on my own.

Also, we’re now thinking of going to the Dominican Republic in February to attend a wedding and that would mean hepatitis shots for all of us, including a very-unhappy Grommet. Man, sometimes it sucks to have to be the responsible adult.


Guess what? To the funeral? I wore some black pants that I normally wear to the office (and a nice shirt too, of course; it wasn’t one of those crazy topless funerals). Not maternity pants, not just-postpartum pants. Regular, nice slacks. Yay!


Biscuit rolled over, back-to-front while I was watching him last Thursday! Yay!

The same day, Grommet came home with a henna tattoo carefully traced on her palm. She even managed not to disturb or smear it for the entire hour it required to set.

First rollover and first tattoo the same day. My babies are growing up so fast!

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