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2008-10-23 - 10:11 p.m.

I don't want to leave y'all hanging:

Jís sisterís baby is fine. The complication was just a ruptured blood vessel, and did not mean that there was any danger to our soon-to-be nephew.

Jís auntís funeral is tomorrow. I have no idea what Iím going to wear since I donít know what I have that fits thatís appropriate.

The test results on Grommetís pee arenít in yet so I wonít find out until Monday if she did indeed have a urinary tract infection and, if so, what follow-up will be required. In the meantime weíre to keep her on the antibiotics, which she loves because they taste like liquid candy.

On the one hand, at least we donít have to force anything nasty down her throat. On the other, now that medicine and vitamins taste like candy, we have to be on the alert for our kid trying to sneak in extra doses.

No idea what the heck Iím blithering on about? Check out my last entry.


It looks like I may have scored an actual strangers-give-me-money photography gig. Not a lot of money, but still kinda cool. Turns out the friend who I took the pregnancy pics for was talking to someone who wants some family photos done without one member missing Ďcause theyíre behind the camera. Truth be told, Iím kinda nervous about this, but Iíve told them that Iím just building my portfolio Ė plus theyíve seen some samples of my work so they know what theyíre getting into Ė and given a guarantee that theyíll get some shots they like or I wonít charge them anything but my expenses, which, letís face it, are pretty low. Gas would probably be the only thing Iím actually out-of-pocket for since I can view all the shots onscreen without printing them out. I love the digital age.

I really do have to get my website up and running by late January so I donít have to think too much about it in the late winter and can concentrate on getting ready for Art in the Park in the spring.

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