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The rock and the hard place.

2008-10-28 - 1:21 p.m.

How sad is it that I wasnt in the least surprised to hear that there was a plot to assassinate Obama? Yet if Id heard of a plot against one of our Canadian politicians it would shock the heck out of me; were just not that controversial up here. No leader stands out enough for anyone to want to off them, much less anyone simply running for leadership. Good news for the potential leader I suppose, but in a weird way not so great for the people of Canada (i.e., that we dont have one outstanding person running for office).


I think were going to go with a dark-stained bamboo on the main floor of our new house. Were supposed to take possession at the end of May next year, but were having to make all the finishing choices over the next little while and that seems to be emerging as the winner for flooring on the main level. Actually, were sticking with linoleum in the kitchen because Ive had both ceramic and hardwood floors in my kitchens and they suck. The ceramic was hard on my feet and always cold; the hardwood is hard to keep clean and Im always worried when anything wet falls on it.

Besides being beautiful, inexpensive, and harder than a lot of hardwoods, I love the fact that bamboo is considered to be a good choice for the environment. Now if only the carbon cost of getting it here werent so high.


So can anyone think of a good use for 1-2 inch-thick pieces of granite? I mean the remnants of slabs that have been cut for countertops etc., and theyre irregular and typically roughly 3 feet by 3 feet, give or take a foot on each side. Because I have been offered the chance to scoop up these remnants for FREE, and I cannot believe they have no use or value. Seriously, I want ideas. Ive thought of little kitchen carts on wheels, kitted out like portable baking stations perhaps, since marble is a surface of choice for making pastry. Plant stands? Small home office stations? Mini tables for kids to use that dont look all plastic and cheap? Breaking them up and dry-stacking little walls? Facing something like the backsplash behind my stove? Seriously, if you can think of ideas let me know. Im drooling over the possibility of getting my hands on these things but I know Ill fill my garage with em if I let myself, and I have no earthly idea exactly what to use them for.

Im not even kidding when I say that I was dreaming about getting my hands on all that granite last night. (You may not know this about me, so let me let this particular cat out of the bag to my friends on the internet: I am house design, building, and finishing obsessed.)

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