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2008-07-14 - 10:53 a.m.

Today we are waiting for the new entertainment unit to arrive. We got a smokin’ deal from Costco.ca that included shipping and handling (not unimportant when an item weighs several hundred pounds). This will hopefully mark the end of a long period of not settling into this house and the beginning of getting it to finally look like a home people want to live and stay in. This is not to say we’ll stay here, no, no, no – after all, we have a house being built that’ll be ready next spring – but we’ve been here since last October and have yet to hang most of our art. Every time J has declared “today’s the day!”, I’ve brought him up short with, “we are not hanging pictures until we get our furniture where I want it, and we can’t do that until we figure out what to put your precious TV on.” Finally, finally, that key piece of furniture should arrive and the rest should start to fall into place.

See, here’s the thing: we have a potential buyer coming next weekend. He’s a friend of our neighbours who heard we were moving next year, and we’ve been assured that we don’t have to clean up, he just wants to see the layout, he knows we have a new baby, etc. I call bulls**t on that. It may not influence his decision on whether to buy it, but in real estate first impressions are everything and when and if we sit down to talk money, you can bet that what the house looks like the first time he steps inside will influence his impression of how much it’s worth.

This means that yes, we’ll be doing some cleaning. But more importantly to me, it’s the finally the kick in the pants we needed to get this place looking like I want it to, and I have some specific ideas on that front. I won’t bore you with what will move where, but suffice it to say that family room and living room furniture will be swapped and hey, since I have pretentions of being a photographer, maybe I should put some photographs up, mmm?

In other words, it’s time to stage our house, or at least parts of it. I’ve also got plans to take pictures of the backyard once I can get it staged too (we’re waiting for a replacement canopy for our gazebo since our current one got hopelessly ripped in the last windstorm): if we do end up putting it on the market it may still be winter or at least early spring, and this place is much more impressive in the summer when the pool is sparkling blue and the leaves on the maple out front provide a restful green screen between the master bedroom and the rest of the world. I figure we should at least have pictures for posting on the internet. Still, my fingers are crossed that we never have to do that and the fellow coming this weekend will want to buy the place sans going through an agent.

The only potential spanner (“monkey wrench”, for the yanks reading this) in this particular works is the fact that J loves this place and doesn’t want to sell it. The thing is, we’d be fools not to. The potential financial gain from selling this one and moving to the next before selling it is significant, whereas we wouldn’t get as much for the next one if we just flipped it before the community was complete, and we’d have to pay capital gains to boot.

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