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Pump it up, chickens!, and BlogHer non-buyer's remorse.

2008-07-16 - 11:22 a.m.

You guys, I just tried the electric breast pump my sister in-law lent me. It was my first time using it and I only pumped for a few minutes but seriously, I got 5 ounces of milk! No wonder Biscuit seems to get full pretty quickly and is chunking up so nicely. I can suddenly envision a time when I can skip out the door, gym bag slung over my arm, and breezily call out to my husband, “Going to work out! There’s a bottle of milk in the fridge! Back in a couple of hours!”

Is it sick or admirable that my primary fantasy of escaping the house includes going to the gym?


Written a couple of hours later… Yes, he’s willing to drink from a bottle. Hallelujah!

You should see the utterly confused look on his face though. Hilarious.


Today my mother is getting chickens. Real, live, clucking, egg-laying chickens. While I grew up on a small hobby farm and am kind of jaded at the thought of live poultry, J and his dad (the latter of whom lives with my mom, for those that are new here – yes, my mom and my husband’s dad are together and have been for about a year and a half: it’s okay, we were together first, so I did not marry my step-brother) are super-excited. They’ve both, in fact, made sure they weren’t working today and they’ve hatched the plan (pun intended) to take Grommet out of daycare early, bring her out to see the chickens, and have a BBQ for an early dinner before J goes to hockey. I definitely have to bring my camera for this big event. There may even be pictures posted if I get any good ones.


I am suddenly more regretful of not going to BlogHer this year. If you added Sars from Tomato Nation to Weetabix’s list of people she’s planning to hang with there, you’d pretty much have the original list of bloggers I read way back in the day, before the word “blog” was even invented and we all wrote "journals" (i.e., the divine Ms. Bix, Sundry, MoPie, and Jenfu. (MoPie.com and Jenfu.com are both gone now, more’s the pity, but at least MoPie is still writing online.)

These are the ladies that inspired me to start this journal almost 5 years ago, and it would have been an awesome blast from the past to crash that gathering. Or maybe at least photograph it from afar, all stalkerish-like.

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