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2006-09-07 - 2:20 p.m.

I am so excited! I am feeling the kind of rush you can only get by spending a ton of money on something youíve wanted for a long time but put off and dithered about because it was a VERY non-essential purchase! Itís a good thing Iím not an adrenaline junky or this could be an expensive habit. What is it? Iím so glad you asked! (Because soon, soon! I can stop using exclamation marks in this entry!)

A Canon EOS 30D!

I had been going in circles: do I want the Nikon D70 that everyone (read: the Armstrongs of dooce and blurbomat, Sundry, and Rob) seems to have and love? Do I want the Nikon D80, the D70ís successor thatís going to hit stores here in a week or two? Do I want the Canon 30D since J really favours it? The D70 will be going on sale since the D80 is coming out, but the D80 is supposed to be a better camera and has way more megapixelsÖ

Anyway, we found a smokiní deal on the Canon 30D (the kit plus a 2GB memory card was included) so I decided to go for it. Iíve been talking about getting a DSLR for what, like, almost a year now? It was time to put my money where my mouth was.

And I thought I was splurging when I bought myself another house design book that day!

Does this mean more pictures going up here? Maybe, but first I have to put that manual to use and figure out how to use this thing. Itís way more complicated than my point-and-shoot Elph.

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