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2008-02-28 - 4:12 p.m.

Speaking of money leaving my handsÖ I did a rough estimate of my taxes this year and guess what? My employer hasnít been taking off NEAR enough taxes throughout the year and at present I owe well over $3000. Now, there are a couple of reasons that this isnít the true, final amount: I pay for all Grommetís daycare but earn more than J, and the Revenue Canada [stupid] rule is the spouse with the lower income has to be the one to claim the expense (which seems totally unfair, because chances are at least the lionís share will be paid by the person earning more money, not less), and so once his numbers are crunched heíll get a refund which will somewhat offset my amount owing. The other thing is that, because my job with the gym takes me to multiple locations throughout the city and I have to pay for certain supplies/certifications/conferences out of my own pocket, Iíll be able to write off some employee expenses that havenít been factored in yet. Also, I hadnít yet made any RRSP contributions: something I remedied today. So, it should be somewhat lower than the original rough estimate. Still, itís not a fun prospect, hard on the heels of the plumbing debacle earlier this week.

The only pleasant surprise is that theyíve introduced a couple of child-related credits, including one you can get for enrolling your children in fitness programs, so we can claim Grommetís swim lessons. I mean, itís not like it makes a big difference, but anything is better than nothing.

Despite my grousing, I do want to state that I believe very strongly in paying taxes to support social programs. I donít mind my money going towards ensuring that the disadvantaged in our society get a leg up, or the ill get medical coverage, or new parents get that year-long partially-paid maternity leave. All I ask is that the money I hand over to the government for these sorts of things isnít so much that it imposes an unreasonable financial burden on me and my family, and that the money is well-managed so that itís spent effectively and makes a real difference. I suspect most Canadians would say the same, and thatís one of the things that makes this country a great one to live in.

Now if we could just annex a warm place like, oh, say, Cuba now that Fidel Castro has stepped down, so that we can still live in Canada but be in the tropicsÖ

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