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Alas poor thousand bucks, I hardly knew ye.

2008-02-26 - 12:32 p.m.

Yesterday we had to call in a plumber because J had noticed a very small drip in the basement that seemed to be brought on with the flushing of one of the upstairs toilets. So far itís cost a thousand dollars in plumbing costs and several holes in our drywall to discover that the previous owners had put a nail or screw through the wall a long time ago and punctured a teeny, tiny hole into the pipe that drains the toilet. It went unnoticed for a long time precisely because it was such a small hole that there was never more than a couple of drops to be seen before they dried up. It just happened that J was in the basement laundry area when the toilet was flushed this one time.

Since this was an unusual problem, naturally the plumber first looked for the usual suspects, i.e., he had to check where the pipe bent in several places. Places that were entombed by drywall. Only after these were cut open was it determined that heíd have to look at one of the straight runs of pipe.

On the plus side, he also inadvertently discovered that the seal on the toilet was gone. While it wasnít dripping water, it was slowly seeping water into the surrounding area and the whole shebang needed to be replaced. This, at least, was included in the end tally. Still, like I said, it cost a ton of money unexpectedly, and I havenít even started to include the time and money it will take to repair the multiple holes in the wall. While I thank God Iím a saver and had the funds on hand, itís frustrating to think of all the stuff I could have used that money for: a headboard/bedframe (which Iíve wanted forever), a stand for our TV (maybe even a wall unit), and other stuff to actually make our house look like a put-together, decorated home. Not to mention I was hoping to put something into my RRSP before the deadline this Friday.


Lately Iíve been even more conscious than usual of what I eat and what I feed my daughter (hence one of my book purchases last week). However, the effort to eat more things that are good for me is concurrent with the desire to eat more things that are bad for me. The upshot is that Iím finding Iím in danger of eating both. This is good for the nutrient side, but not so good for the calorie side. For instance, for lunch today I stole a couple of bites of my husbandís schnitzel and had the last couple of tablespoons of hummus, then had my own lunch which was an open-faced liverwurst sandwich on whole wheat, paired with a carrot and half a cucumber dipped into a small amount of Caesar dressing, but then I finished off with a glass of milk and four Oreos. While only the last item is truly not healthy, itís still a lot for me to eat for lunch. Certainly itíd be a whole heck of a lot if I wasnít pregnant.

Iíve got my next prenatal appointment with my doctor this Friday (when Iíll be 25 weeks) so Iíll see if sheís got anything to say about my weight gain. I donít think itís far off where it was last time (which ended up being 35 lbs for the whole pregnancy, which wasnít too bad), but Iíll feel better if my doctorís ďofficialĒ scale tells me not to worry.

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