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Trip planning: with or sans kid?

2008-03-02 - 8:16 a.m.

Here we are in March and so far we’ve gotten about 10 cm of snow, and there’s a winter storm watch in effect for tonight that’s predicting significant freezing rain and ice pellets over night. On the plus side, it’s gotten out of the ridiculous deep freeze of a few days ago. I kid you not, it was thirty degrees below freezing with the wind chill on Friday – close to as cold as it gets in January around here – and this was at a time when it’s typically warmed up a bit. In fact, in late February it’s normal to have a low of minus 12 and a high of minus 2, whereas we were looking at highs of minus 12 and lows around minus 24 (all of these are Celsius, by the way).

Wow, I’m talking about the weather; can I get any more boring? I have to confess, however, that this is at least partly sparked by my bitterness at the fact that the west coast is in the midst of their damn cherry blossom festival. Again, why don’t I live somewhere warmer?

Sigh, one of these days…

Speaking of Vancouver, have I mentioned we’ll be going there for a wedding in September? We’re wrestling with the pros and cons of a) going out for longer than just the weekend and b) leaving Grommet here with her grandparents.

You see, I’ve always wanted to live somewhere warm, and the west coast is beautiful (though Vancouver is ridiculously overpriced with the Olympics coming there in a couple of years), so on the one hand, if we’re spending the money to go out there anyway, wouldn’t it make sense to just stay a little longer and get more of a feel for the place? I mean, if we only go for the weekend, that entire weekend will be centered around the wedding we’re attending, so it’s not like we’ll have much of a chance to look around.

However, if we only go for the weekend, it seems like it would make the most sense to leave Grommet at home with her Nana and Grampa: it wouldn’t be for very long, it would save us a ton of money since she’s old enough that she’d have to have her own seat on the plane, and it’s not like sitting still at a wedding and reception is a 2 ½ year-old’s idea of a good time, plus she’d take a lot of our time and attention when we’d spent considerable time, money and effort to be there. Also, I have a strong suspicion that J will be asked to be in the wedding party, which would leave me with almost all the responsibility of both Grommet and the Biscuit, the latter of which would be still very young (just over 2 1/2 months) and breastfeeding. So, all those signs point to “Hi Nana!”. However, if we do end up taking, say, a week there, could we really leave her for a whole week? I mean, yes, we physically could, but that’d be a long time without her, plus there’s the guilt involved with leaving her behind and her missing out on the whole trip, so if that trip is extra-long and actually fun… you see where I’m going with this?

We have friends with a daughter just a half-year younger than Grommet, and despite the fact that they have very “active and involved” grandparents who provide daycare and are willing to help at the drop of a hat (which, we most definitely do not), they’re planning on bringing their daughter and their son who was just born in January with them.

I don’t know… what would you do?

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