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It's a brand new year, eh? Hm.

2007-01-03 - 11:05 a.m.

Normally, ‘round about early December I start accidentally writing the digits for the new year coming up on my cheques. Not this year. Nope, this year I’m firmly entrenched in 2006 and am in no way ready for 2007 to start. 2006 went so fast, and yet so much has happened.

Of course, most of the change over the year can be summed up in the word Grommet. She’s got more teeth coming in, by the way, and ate her first Cheerio last week. And she seems to like them, but if they make it to the back of her tongue whole there’s still a good chance they’ll trigger her gag reflex and all our hard-won progress to get her to eat non-boob food will be coming right back up. Thank God for the rigid plastic bib with the built-in bucket scoop at the bottom that catches everything.

She’s definitely on the mend from her pneumonia and is just starting to show mimimal interest in food again. This is good, but still a big backstep; especially considering we were hoping she’d be able to go with more chunky stuff by the time she starts daycare in (gulp!) a few weeks. It’s kind of silly, probably, to worry that the daycare provider will think we’re bad parents because our baby’s food is still the pureed stuff from the jar. If she would eat the stuff I lovingly cook and puree myself it would somehow seem better, but she totally turns her nose up at it. The odd thing these days is that she’ll nurse and go for the Baby Mum Mum rice rusks and Cheerios, but won’t tolerate much from a spoon at all. Yesterday she deigned to try some mashed black beans from my plate that I scooped onto the tip of my finger, and the day before that some hummus, but baby food no longer seems to please her and she won’t go for anything truly chunky either. Volume is definitely our biggest concern at this point.

Also big in the way of family changes this year, my sister got married and we gained a new niece from my husband’s side of the family. These were both not unexpected, but THIS was…

I haven’t shared much of this ‘cause it’s not really my story, but it’s kind of become my business so here goes: My mother and her boyfriend parted amicably in the spring of ‘06. Sometime around mid-summer a new froggy came a-courtin’ and it has recently become quite serious. They’re just settling in but I believe it’s at a point where I can share the fact that Mom is gaining a new roommate… J’s father, Sir W. Now I know the temptation to make jokes here - heck, even Sir W has told me with a twinkle in his eye that if he marries my mother I’ll be married to my stepbrother – but do try to resist. My only rebuttal is that J and I were first, so it’s okay and not as weird as it kind of sounds. Right?


Add to this, my grandmother, who has never, ever, in my entire life had a man in her life brought a “gentleman friend” to Christmas this year, and you have 2006 definitely ranking as one of the top years of my life for unexpected changes in my family. Good changes, but fast, drastic, and definitely out of left field. Even though last year I predicted that 2006 would be a big year for change, I had no idea how big. This year I have no sense at all of what’s coming up: 2007 is just a big question mark to me. Will we get pregnant again? (First visit to the fertility clinic for this round is coming up next week.) Will we sell our house and move? If so, where? How will the whole daycare thing go? All the unanswered questions are kind of scary and I’m not sure I’m ready for 2007.

Oh, 2006, I hardly knew ye.

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