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Blink. Eleven months! and… Grommet’s First Christmas!

2006-12-27 - 8:54 a.m.

We spent about 3 hours of Grommet’s first Christmas in emergency, where she was eventually diagnosed with pneumonia. It was mild enough that we could treat it with antibiotics at home. If an adult is in the same situation, it’s called “walking pneumonia” but if the subject can’t walk yet, but can crawl, is it called “crawling pneumonia”?

The day before Christmas Grommet hit the eleven-month mark. Seeing as how she was pretty darn sick and therefore needing my attention, and seeing as how my family had their celebration that day, I think I can be forgiven for the lateness of this entry.

As mentioned in the last entry, she started the fever last Tuesday, but it seemed to go away by Wednesday. It came back Wednesday night though and was about 103 degrees so we took her to the doctor on Thursday. At the time the only symptoms she had were the fever and a slightly red throat. We were told that she’d probably start showing other symptoms soon. Boy, were they right. Our poor little girl turned into a mucus factory within about a day, and the two teeth she’s got coming in at the top front combined the gunk and water running from her nose and puffy red eyes with a ton of drool. She was both pitiful and gross and it tugged at your heart just to look at her, even before you heard her hoarse voice and hacking cough. When she wakes up in the morning we have to use a warm wet cloth to get all the crusted goop off her face from the night before, before she can really open her eyes.

We got infant Tylenol and Motrin for her fever and a bunch of boxes of the softest lotion-soaked tissues (which I recommend because even though we’ve gone through an assload her nose isn’t red or chapped underneath) and settled in for the wait. When she still had a fever Christmas Eve we were told by our medical service that we should take her in to the hospital but the waiting room of the Children’s Hospital was jammed with a 6+ hour wait and looking around I didn’t want to keep her in that microbial soup for 6+ minutes if I could help it. My mother’s a nurse so we went ahead with our plans of going there for Christmas dinner. She monitored Grommet with a stethoscope and when she felt that her breathing warranted a trip to the emergency the next day (Christmas Day) we headed to the hospital that was local. As I mentioned, the Grom was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia (diagnosed via a chest x-ray which involved strapping her into this torture-looking device to hold her still – not fun) so she’s on antibiotics for the next week and a bit.

Let me just say that I am SO GLAD I’m still breastfeeding her. She hasn’t had any interest in solid food and sometimes throws it up when we do get a small bit into her, so almost all her fluids (plus water she’s still accepting from her sippy cup) and nutrition have been getting into her via breast milk. Plus she’s both comforted and soothed to sleep at the same time. It’s definitely caused a bit of regression on the getting-on-solids path, plus, interestingly, her poop has returned to that clumpy yellow of a young breast-fed baby, but it’s totally worth it to have her getting something nourishing into her.

Anyway, she seems to have turned a corner.

We didn’t get a lot of pictures but trust me, there is no danger of forgetting the Grom’s first Christmas.

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