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Pukefest of oh-six.

2006-11-28 - 9:25 p.m.

We had a horf-tastic morning in the Talpidae household: Grommet woke up vomiting at 6:00 am and had racked up an even dozen episodes by the time about three hours had gone by. Envisioning a full day of dealing with upchuck every twenty minutes, I called J and asked him to come home from work earlier than he was planning. Of course, after he got home Grommet only had one more spectacular spew and then a small one, then she was done.

‘Round about hour two, I called the doctor to see if I should bring Grommet in, but she told me that there was a virus going around so for today I should just keep the Grom’s fluids up by giving small amounts of liquid frequently. Breast milk and water would be fine, but if I could get my hands on some sort of infant electrolyte supplement that would be even better. So, that’s what we did and thank goodness the pukefest was short lived.

This did, however, prompt a mention by J that if she had continued to vomit as frequently as she did at the beginning of the day, he’d have taken her to emergency in the afternoon. I was mildly surprised since I had already called the doctor, who’d offered to see her tomorrow or even today if I felt it was warranted, and I’d already made the decision to wait and see what happened. Grommet wasn’t acting sick or out of sorts in between bouts, and she didn’t have a fever. I kind of felt I’d done my due diligence by calling the doctor and if Grommet had taken a turn for the worse – that is, if she’d gotten feverish, listless, or obviously felt sick overall – I was completely prepared to take her in to be seen by my doctor. Had she just stayed the same, however, I probably would have dealt with the mess and made an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow.

It’s a fine line, for me, what’s conscientious taking care of the Grom, and what might be going overboard. On the one hand, I don’t want to be like my mother in this respect: she didn’t really take us to the doctor unless there was something very, very wrong for quite awhile. I remember the one and only time I went to the hospital as a child; I had had the stomach flu for about a week and had been vomiting almost hourly the entire time. I was sucking ice to try to stay hydrated and still vomiting constantly. In my mind, that’s waiting too long to seek medical assistance for your child. On the other hand, I don’t want to one of those mothers that heads to emergency for every sniffle. That’s why I’m glad I have a doctor that will call me at home and suggest whether it would be necessary to go in or not. If she thinks emergency is warranted, she’d suggest it. If she thinks it’s likely a virus and there’s not much to be done at that point, she’s willing to have me bring Grommet in, but will warn me there’s not a lot she’d be able to do.

I’d like to think J and I are on the exact same sentence of the exact same page for everything parenting related, but I know that’d be unrealistic. In this case though, unless Grommet had started to show signs of dehydration – no tears, spit, or pee – and I thought she might need medical intervention like an IV (very unlikely within a day since a neighbour child had had something like this for four days and he still wasn’t bad enough off to get an IV when he was seen at the hospital), I’d probably be advocating for following my doctor’s advice and not dashing off to the hospital. Still, I’d say that J and I are at least in the same chapter, and sometimes that’s good enough.

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