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2006-12-02 - 9:51 p.m.

Oh the difficulty of having a double life! Very few people I know in "real life" know I write online. No one in my family knows. And, of course conversely, most people who read this journal online never find out who the non-digital me is.

Now I've had both a photograph and a small written piece accepted to a new literary magazine (not a big feat I'm afraid - they're new and thus short on content). I can't link there from here without giving access to my writer's bio to all and sundry. I can't put my URL in my bio for fear of friends and family seeing it.

Phooey. Big feat or not, I'm pretty tickled about it and I'd love to show it off. And I'm pretty proud of this journal too, and would love to show it off, but it's become one of those things y'know? It's gone on for so long, how do I say, "Oh yeah, I've been writing on the internet for years and yes, I've written about you. Mwa ha ha."

Some things are better left as they are I think.

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