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Blink. Ten months!

2006-11-24 - 7:04 p.m.

Grommet has now hit the double digits in months, and its been a big month for her. November 1st she started crawling and pulling up, and shes just gotten faster and more sure of herself since. This past week she started crawling towards Daddy when he arrived home. Sadly, shes also started bonking her head and did a good faceplant the other day when I was trying to lower her slowly when she tried to crawl headfirst off the couch. She was holding herself up by her hands in a wheelbarrow, and just as I called for J to look she let go and *bonk* right on her lip. I felt guilty, of course, but not as guilty as I would have if shed actually fallen from the couch on my watch. Id prefer to shelter her from any and all pain, but Id also prefer that she fall from a few inches and get a small bump and learn that crawling off the couch is dangerous than fall from a couple feet up and really hurt herself. That wasnt a big consolation when I looked at her little fat lip though. At least it went down pretty fast and the small bruise was gone by the end of the next day. But back to the list of the accomplishments of my tiny genius:

Shes waving back more (like right now when I pause typing and give her a wave) and often with a big grin. Shes also babbling a lot more. Her main vowel sound is a short a but shes got a few consonants now and varies between ma, da, ba, ja, ya, na and just plain a. Oddly, no ga ga Shes also perfected a screech that makes our flesh melt off our bones when shes feeling ignored. Weve gotten her to sleep in her crib for naps and at the beginning of the night, but its more for her safety than anything else and it only works if she falls asleep on the way home and we just transfer her to the crib. She does wake up a bit when we put her down but is out again really fast so I dont know if thats progress or not. When she wakes up at night and were ready to go to bed so we can safeguard her we take her back to bed with us and I let her nurse to sleep. I dont care if the books tell me not to.

We havent made much progress in the daycare area, but weve been busy, plus, in denial. After being on the market for a couple of months, weve suddenly gotten three showings of our house in three days, and have another two lined up for tomorrow. Its kind of weird how theyve all come in a clump but at least we only had to do a marathon cleaning (which is whats been keeping us busy) once. Weve also been out of the house more than usual to accommodate the viewings. But I digress

Grommet is waking up early (6:00 am instead of her usual 7:00) but spends quite awhile being all floppy and will lay her head down on my heart and doze for awhile. Its so nice and makes me all the more glad shes with me in the mornings, even if she wakes me up. When the sun starts to come up she gets more alert and beams as she crawls over to the window and pulls up on the windowsill to watch the dawn, cooing and babbling excitedly. This is a great time in my life and even though I know she wont be able to remember it, I hope that shes at least left with a happy disposition and warm fuzzy feeling about when she was little. I guess what Im saying is, no matter what the future holds, I hope she knows deep in her bones that she is loved and always has been.

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