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Baby talk.

2006-11-17 - 10:16 a.m.

I was just reading one of Linda’s blogs, Purple is a Fruit, and her last point “Dogs are now doggies, fish are fishies, and giant disgusting swaths of human feces are poopies.” struck a note with me.

I have endeavoured, mostly with success, to avoid the “y” and “ies” at the end of words when talking to Grommet. I made a conscious decision that, in her world, a dog will be a dog and not doggy, and a cat will be a cat and not kitty. “Poop” is a mild enough word to my ears that I don’t bring it down further by adding a “y” on the end. When my father in-law asks Grommet if she’s playing with a froggy, I gently correct him with “frog”.

This has made me wonder though, if I’m doing her a disservice in that she won’t be able to recognize that the two versions of these names do, in fact, refer to the same animal. To this end, I have softened my stance on certain words. A rabbit is a “bunny rabbit” so that she learns both names and I do the same with “kitty cat.” A duck may be a duck when I’m pointing to it swimming in the canal, but a rubber duck can indeed be a rubber ducky in this house. Of course, the latter is partly due to the fact that I like to sing Ernie’s Rubber ducky, you’re the one song to her in the bath.

In this vein of thinking, I do wonder another thing: am I wrong to have no children’s music to play for Grommet? Is the radio and Paul Simon’s Graceland enough? You see, I don’t usually have anything on as background music. I listen to the radio for a short while in the morning for a few songs that bracket the 5 minutes of news and weather (plus a local 5-minute trivia contest because, as a friend pointed out the other day, I am a trivia whore), but other than that it’s pretty much silent all the time here. I just prefer the quiet and find it calming. BUT with a baby around I do wonder if I’m not providing enough stimulation for her (particularly auditory, but other types too), hence the trips to drop-in groups a few times a week and the attempts to get out of the house with her for at least a short while every day.

This parenting stuff is not entirely what I expected. To be honest, some of it’s not as hard as I thought it would be, but concerns come from unexpected quarters as well.

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