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2006-09-28 - 11:11 a.m.

Weíre missing playgroup Ė my one weekly chance to connect with mothers of other babies Ė right now. Grommet was all dressed and adorable and ready to go, then I thought that it might be a good idea to top her up with the boob before we left. Big mistake. She went to sleep and has been snoozing ever since and that was about an hour ago.

Now itís raining and we donít really have anywhere else to go, so Iím going to get cabin fever today unless I figure out something else to do. J is gone to Toronto overnight tonight to help our friend Bobby move. The upside of this 24-hour state of single parenthood is that he left me the car so I can, in theory, motor around and do things and see people that I donít normally get a chance to. I have two different friends in mind for visiting either today or tomorrow, actually. Weíll see if either comes to fruition.


Iíve recently come to the realization that I was better dressed as a pregnant person than I am as a mom of a young child. In fact, even my recently-single motherís wardrobe is way hipper than mine these days. Itís kind of a depressing thought, though I understand how it got that way. You see, when I was pregnant I was still going to my office job and had to dress up a bit. Also, when my body was slowly swelling and burgeoning with new life, even though it was totally okay to be getting bigger I still felt kind of cumbersome from time to time and I found it gave me a lift to have cute clothes.

Now I go days with only my husband to really interact with, and most things I put on I have to accept may be covered with baby drool or spit up. Iím still not quite at my pre-pregnancy weight either, so some of my cuter clothes are reminiscent of sausage casings when on my post-baby body, and I donít want to buy much new stuff Ďcause I refuse to accept that I wonít lose these last five pounds. Five pounds might not be a lot, youíd think, but they seem to make the difference between a size 12 and my normal size 10. Plus, my husband thinks I look good in anything, so thereís no incentive to get dressed up most days. A large percentage of the time I end up wearing the oversized t-shirts that are still lingering in my closet from my university days.

So, hereís my problem. Iím going to a wedding the day after tomorrow. And I have no real idea of what Iím going to wear. The one dress that might be okay is one I wore to another wedding with this same group of people and Iíd like to wear something different. What do I do? I donít want to buy anything expensive. Iíd prefer not to buy anything at all for that matter since Iím hoping that a size 12 would be too big for me in a few months, never to be seen in my wardrobe again (or at least not until I have another baby and post-pregnant body to deal with). Le sigh. Iím going to end up scouring my size 10 items at the last minute for something, anything that seems appropriate and will fit. I just know it. And even though I foresee it and am not keen on that course of action, I bet Iíll still end up doing it. Who wants to try shopping for an outfit with an 8-month old in tow Ďcause your husbandís out of town?

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