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Happy Birthday to J. And Jo. And Bobby.

2006-10-03 - 9:54 p.m.

Today is Jís, Bobbyís and Joís birthdays. J and Bobby are 31 today; Jo is 34 (which I too will be this coming Monday). What are the odds of your husband and two best friends all having birthdays the same day? NOT THAT GOOD IíD THINK. And yet, here we are.

You may think ďCool!Ē but I assure you it is not. Not one of them gets the attention that Iíd like to bestow upon them on their birthdays because I have to divide it between them. Jo is not in town so she gets shafted the most and is usually the recipient of an email or a phone call in years that Iím not on baby-time. Bobby and J, however, are usually both in town so that means that they both have to be at dinner. Itís not that I donít want them at dinner, but it would be nice if they could be the sole center of attention at their own dinners. I donít know Bobís other friends very well so there is rarely a birthday event for him which theyíre at. Since J is my husband, he, of course, gets the most mileage out of birthdays from me; I invite his friends and family out to join us for at least one meal. Still, we donít really get any alone time and with Bob staying on our couch J even misses out on the raucous birthday sex.

What? Donít look at me like that, you do so do that too. If thereís one night a year a married someone can bet on getting some, itís on their birthday.

So Bobby, if youíre reading this you may want to stop here, since Iím sure you donít want to know about the surreptitious oral action (hello creepy Googlers) that went on in our room while you were downstairs.

Moving right alongÖ Grommet, while Iím sure she didnít exactly know the meaning what she was saying, had the Best. Timing. Ever. Tonight and said a very clear ďDa daĒ at dinner while J was feeding her. He almost fell off his chair and I think it totally made his day. There was no birthday present that could top that (though the promise of tickets to the Senators game of his choice was well received).

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