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Blink. Eight months!

2006-09-24 - 6:58 p.m.

Big stuff this month Ė first time Grommetís been able to get her butt in the air when pushed up on her hands (crawling, here we come!), first wave (she started on Friday when we stopped into my workplace, and did it again yesterday at my momís), first enjoyment of solid food (though of course sheís been sampling since she turned six months, you might recall), and, as I wrote in my last entry, first tooth! In fact, we see the second tooth about to poke out right beside the first one.

Her sleep is getting a bit more restless and once we combine that with the ability to commando-crawl her way around weíre going to have to seriously think about transitioning from co-sleeping to crib, for her own safety. Right now she does The Worm to travel backwards (and if you donít know that particular breakdance move youíll just have to google it to see what I mean), but it hasnít been a big deal at night since she sleeps pretty soundly when sheís not snacking.

At the drop-in group on Thursday we ran into a baby we know thatís a month ahead of Grommet and heís just learned to crawl. Watching him busily motor around and get his hands on any and everything, whether he was supposed to or not, gave me a flash of what my life will be like in a short time. If I was worried about shedding those last 5 pregnancy pounds, I can set my mind at ease: Iíll totally be working them off worrying and running around after the Grom.

J and I still think weíve won the baby lottery though; Grommet is an easy, happy baby most of the time and we still get tons of sleep compared to most parents of wee ones. And right now sheís at such a great stage, what with being so adorable and able to sit up and want to know whatís going on around her, but not yet able to flop her way across the floor and choke on a dust bunny.

Iím bringing the Cute, right here!

Grr, I say. Grrr.

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