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2006-09-19 - 9:44 p.m.

Grommet has cut her first tooth! It snuck up on us because, frankly, we were waiting for her to be all cranky and goobery and maybe even run a temperature like I’ve heard some babies do. Instead, she didn’t even seem to notice. In fact, no word of a lie, I’ve been thinking that she’s had a particularly sunny disposition – even for a normally laid-back baby – for the last few days.

Yesterday J mentioned he saw a bump on her gums on the lower jaw, left of the midline. I looked but for the life of me could not see what he was talking about. Then this morning, after much peering and poking to get her tongue and lower lip to stay out of the way for more than a split second, I saw it! And the reason I hadn’t seen it before was because I had a preconceived notion that an emerging tooth would start out with a whitish raised bump on the gum. Instead, there was a small, line-shaped indent and at the bottom of the indent was an area slightly darker than her pale pink gums. When I ran my finger over it, it was definitely pointy. So, in other words, I was looking for evidence of a tooth about to emerge, and a baby acting uncomfortable because of it, and she’d already gotten past that stage and there the tooth was, poking up.

My little girl. Growing up already. [sniff]

I told my father in-law and he made a remark about having to be careful about putting my finger in Grommet’s mouth from here on out, to which I tartly replied “Forget my finger, what about my boob?”

PleaseDon’tLetHerStartBiting, PleaseDon’tLetHerStartBiting, PleaseDon’tLetHerStartBiting...

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